Nuka Rewriteable Notebook & Metal Pencil

The Unbreakable Mechanical Pencil

Nuka Rewriteable Notebook & Metal Pencil; a combo that the designers claim will work forever. The pencil never finishes, and the notepad is eternally recyclable. They work in the sun, rain, snow, perhaps even underwater, and even in space! Ten seconds into the video, this sounds like borderline witchcraft… but in reality, it’s just top-notch product design and material engineering!

Nuka Rewriteable Notebook & Metal Pencil

Nuka comprises of an eternal pencil, made of a specialized alloy tip that can oxidize a paper’s surface without a residue, essentially making it run forever (and not need sharpening either). While that, in itself, is pretty marvelous, it comes with Nuka’s invincible notebook. The notebook is waterproof, tear-proof, and works wonderfully in conjunction with the Nuka pencil.

Together, you can take notes practically anywhere, anyhow. Write in the rain, in the snow, upside down, or even in a hurry. Nuka’s notebook is capable of being your canvas in practically any scenario without ripping, tearing, or affecting your line-quality. What do you do when the notebook gets over? Nuka also comes with a specialized eraser fluid that lets you wipe the entire book clean, leaving not even a trace of your lines and notes. The eraser fluid comes in both spray and wet-wipe form, and wipes the oxidization/lines/notes off the paper, making it brand new, something even water or an eraser can’t do.

Designed to be as immortal as the ideas you note down in them, Nuka can be used and reused for centuries… and the stationery set even comes with an app that helps you actively capture and document notes you’ve taken in the past. Designed to be carried everywhere you go, the nuka notebook comes with a magnetic spine that allows the eternal pencil to snap to it. Made to be your forever journal, the nuka captures all your notes, ideas, concepts, sketches, doodles, and secrets in its everlasting, indestructible self… giving you the most of the tools to capture your immortal thoughts!


Write, erase, and write again and again on the same page with any type of pen, pencil, or marker. Make the slightest of motions and all inscriptions will fully disappear thanks to nuka magic eraser.

Writes with Metal

Eternal pencil’s tip is made of unique metal alloy. It writes like a regular pencil, but you can forget about sharpening or broken leads. Just write and enjoy a smooth writing experience. Forever.

Nuka Rewriteable Notebook & Metal Pencil

pressure sensitivity 

 Press harder for thicker lines, lighter for thinner. And yes, you can wipe off eternal pencil’s writings by Nuka magic eraser.

Totally Waterproof

Notebook components are made of waterproof materials that haven’t been used in other stationery before. Don’t worry about safety, the notes can’t be destroyed even if you spill water or any other drink on it.

Tear Resistant Paper

Next-generation paper that you won’t be able to tear. Because of the quality, the notebook is durable and stays as new for a long time.

Magnetic Fasteners

Never again old fashion notebook rubber bands. One easy motion to open the notebook and full safe closure when you carry it, thanks to embedded magnets inside cover.

Connect with NoteBook

A perfect extension of an eternal notebook on your phone. Scan the page with the Nuka app and get digital handwritten notes of good quality.

Create virtual notebooks and keep separate scans by categories projects, sketches, ideas, and more. All notes are organized, safe, and always with you.

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