Negativity of Dhaka City

Negativity of Dhaka City



Since I was born in Dhaka City,

It covers my eyes with all its negativity.

There are a lot of problems in this city,

My pen-friend said, “What a pity!”


Those traffic made, jams in my head

When I think that problem is great.

I don’t know how to fix

The problem we have, is there any tricks?


Cars release a really a bad gas,

Which can destroy our lungs very fast.

It makes us cough and get really sick,

 This can become serious pretty quick.


Pollution! Pollution!! Pollution!!!

But alas! There is no solution,

The govt. should take step

But alas again, they have no headache.


Air, water and soil we pollute,

Making global warmth resolute,

Bye to health and joy absolute,

Pity we accept and salute!


In Dhaka city, about our environment,

We need to clean, clear and care,

It’s the only one we have,

And we have to share.

Negativity of Dhaka City


Department: English Literature.

Institution: Notre Dame University Bangladesh.

Member of ‘ARE Writers Community’

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