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Nature in Poetry

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Nature in Poetry

Avijit Chakrabarty Pritam.

Nature is the part of poetry,

 nature is the part of earth,

 Nature, its blessings, aspects given to the humans;

Human praised to nature, proclaimed, indebted to nature.

 Nature is the seldom weapon of earth,

always blessings to earth,

 to aware people,

 to enlighten the inhabitants.

The earth and nature are interconnected,

that the way the soul and human body are,

 poetry has claimed the blessings;

proclaimed the nature, of earth.

 Neither poetry is lie,

nor mother earth is lie,

nor, the nature.

Rather, poetry loves the mother,

 loves the nature, proclaimed by poetry & Poet.

If you love earth, you can love nature, poetry and poet,

poet, and poetry love nature,

express the love through the lines of poetry

that is how poet does.

Poetry is not for time waste,

 life on earth, a gift of god,

gift of nature,

 rather than seem waste.

 human do time waste,

studying poetry is not any waste,

rather, poetry has the moral’s, the virtue’s taste.

Nobody can deny the gift of nature,

nature of earth,

Nobody can deny the poetry

which praise the nature.

Along its aspects,

Along the earth.

Author: Avijit Chakrabarty Pritam.

Notre Dame University Bangladesh.

 English Language and Literature.

Member of “ARE Writers Community


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