Moral Advice of an Ideal Father
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Moral Advice of an Ideal Father

Moral Advice of an Ideal Father

Moral advice of an ideal father given to his son about the way of living. 

1. If you want to stitch or paint shoes, do not stretch your feet in front of the repair shop, rather open the shoe and remove it once.

2. Never call anyone a bite, a working man, or a maid. Remember that they are also someone’s brother, sister, mother, Father, Father. Call them with respect.

3. If someone is younger by age, education, position, or position, never underestimate anyone. Otherwise, you will be small.

4. Improve your life by studying, but do not try to climb up with your feet on someone’s neck.

5. Don’t look back behind by helping someone, he can be ashamed.

6. Always try to give more than to get it. Remember, the provider’s hand is always on the top.

7. Don’t do anything for which your finger gets a finger on you and your family.

Moral Advice of an Ideal Father

8. You are born as a son, so don’t avoid responsibility.

9. What do you have, you are not written on you. But in your use, you can see where your family is.

10. Do not listen to your wife and your wife, and do not raise your mother in the court of justice. You can’t throw anyone.

11. If you want to eat at someone’s house, eat two handfuls of rice at home. Don’t wait for the rice of others.

12. Don’t criticize anyone’s food. No one tries to taste the taste of food.

13. Not to grow up, try to be a human being.

14. Give so much respect to Father-in-law or mother-in-law as much respect to your parents. And deal with them so that they are ready to send their daughter to your house.


15. Always walk politely and humble and speak. But don’t compromise with injustice.

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