Medicine of Corona Virus

Medicine of Corona Virus

Inside Russia’s Vaccine Lab

We know Russia is in the race to be the first nation to secure a vaccine a few weeks ago. Russia claimed to have found the magic vaccine, but it had just cleared phase one of human trials and since then Moscow’s Camellia Institute has been a hub of activity. The project is being financed by the States run Russian Direct investment fund. it also has the backing of the military, last week this institute completed human trials of the vaccine.

Medicine of Corona Virus

It involved at least 20 Russian military personnel but the findings of the study have not been published yet. Phase 2 is set to begin in the month of August, phase 3 could involve subjects in West Asian countries too. And Russia is extremely confident of vaccine safety against coronavirus. The World Health Organization says the vaccine is still in Phase 1 of clinical trials. For any vaccine to get approved for large-scale production. It needs to undergo all three phases of human trials. But Russia is already worrying about masse producing the drug. Russia is in touch with several leading producers of vaccines around the world.

It has manufacturing deals with five other countries. Saudi Arabia could become a trial site as well as a manufacturing partner. Meanwhile; Russia continues to remain the fourth worst affected country in the world. Where eight hundred thousand cases are over 12,000 deaths despite the surgeon cases. It seems the access to the vaccine is reserved for the elite. Reports say Russia has business and political Elite got a shot of the vaccine as early as the month of April.

Medicine of Corona Virus

Author:  Tonmoy Debnath

Department: English Literature.

Institution: Notre Dame University Bangladesh.

Member of ‘Future Writers’

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