The “maturity”
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The “maturity”

The " maturity " Poem leartex

The “maturity”

  • Avijit Chakrabarty Pritam


“Poetry”, the genre gazes with wonder,

“The maturity” arrives in, as a poem;

Oh! That abruptly, thrown a question to the genre.

How matured the author is! 

  • in measuring poetry’s maturity.



The author is not matured enough,

in determining or, measuring poetry’s maturity;

intense depth of poetry.


“Poetry” – 

The criticism of life.

When, the life is criticized;

proceeds underneath criticism.

For only “maturity”,

and of it’ lack.

Becomes the reason of all mess,

that is the reason of self and other’s humiliation;

reason of all calamities,

reason of mis-judgements and wrong executions.

A questioning reason of insecure life – leading!

Although, the insecure hand ’s writing overall.

Is that “maturity” – measured by age at all? Or,

Does “maturity”, that refer to mental growth?

Proper and healthy environment, no doubt!

could provide mental growth.


And after all, getting aged, is of it’ recovery.

But, “maturity” – is it co – related with age?

Never seems to be at all!


In the nook and corner of the planet –

many young people seem to be that enough,

many old – bent ages are immature well enough!

Shouldn’t it be regarded as wrong judgement?

  • to measure that “maturity” by age.

A number of bitter experiences are enough,

A number of bitter situations are enough;

those worse incidents are well enough,

and what? – the realizations overall.

enough to turn the person,

compel to be matured.


Ables the person to act –

on the basis of the culture of society,

on the basis of circumstances.

Ables the person – 

when to act or, even not!

Ables the person to behave – 

according to correct time,

according to right condition.

Ables the person also – 

to respond properly – 

both in environment and well as surroundings.


Here, “Poetry” has the immense power of “maturity”!

Now, “maturity” desires – 

to arrive through the wings of “Poetry”!

“Literature is the imitation of life”.

Of its genre, “Poetry is the criticism of life”.

Literature and poetry, both, the parts of life.

At where –

life is artistically represented,

life is criticized.


Human life is the center part of literature;

is a part of poetry.

Literature, life, poetry, these have a depth, or, 

intense inter-connection.

Maturity couldn’t arrive; unless the literary practice.

Literature and literary practice in human life – 

is unquestioning development of human psyche and maturity.

Practice of “Poetry” study;

that process compels a person –

to be matured enough!

To be an aesthetic litterateur.

Author: Avijit Chakrabarty Pritam 

Profession: Student.

Department: English Literature.

Institution: Notre Dame University Bangladesh.

Member of “ARE Writers Community”.

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