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Marketing Mix VS Promotion Mix

Marketing Mix VS Promotion Mix

Marketing Mix VS Promotion Mix. The Key difference between marketing mix and promotion mix stands;

The marketing mix is the foundation of business strategy to develop products, services and messaging that resonate clearly with your target market is essential. A critical element of the marketing mix is promotion, and the promotional mix helps connect businesses with their target audience to generate leads.


What is Marketing Mix?

Marketing Mix is a set of marketing tool or tactics, used to promote a product or service in the market and sell it.

It is about positioning a product and deciding it to sell in the right place, at the right price and right time. The product will then be sold, according to marketing and promotional strategy.

Marketing mix strategy is created using the 4Ps of marketing – Product, Place, Price, promotion and 7Ps in case of service- Physical Evidence, People, Process. The term is attributed to Neil Bordon. The Ps are;

  • Product – It is the good or service produced by the organization for satisfying a consumer’s need. Companies must develop their product to differentiate it from the competition while also addressing the needs of their target users.
  • Price – The selling price of a product should reflect your consumer’s perception of its actual value. Companies determine the price based on their strategy for a particular market segment.
  • Place – The point of sale (POS) of a product -from a storefront to an E-commerce website – can be leveraged for marketing purposes. The target audience prefers certain POS outlets over others for reasons like convenience. Companies should ensure optimum distribution and efficient supply chain logistics for those outlets for more significant sales.
  • Promotion – Promotion involves a company’s marketing/communications strategy to enhance its revenue and brand appeal. It includes advertising, direct marketing, sales promotion, personal selling and public relations across online and offline sales channels.
  • People – The company’s employees are responsible for delivering the service to customers. Organizations should leverage their potential to enhance customer satisfaction.
  • Process – Organisations must work on ensuring that the business processes are efficient enough to minimize costs and maximize profit margins.
  • Physical Evidence – This component is vital in service-based industries. Companies should ensure that they have physical evidence of delivering the service to the customer.

What is Promotion Mix?

Promotion helps organizations stay ahead of their competitors as it targets different consumer segments to increase product visibility. Some of the elements of Promotion Mix include:

  • Advertising – Advertising is a marketing communication method where the company pays an advertiser in radio, print, broadcast, online media etc., to promote their product.
  • Direct Marketing – Organizations use this method to approach clients individually and promote their product through mailers, messages, phone calls or personal meetings.
  • Personal Selling – The company approaches a select group of customers to sell their product. They prefer the element of personalisation and exclusivity, which makes them open to this promotional method. Although expensive and time-consuming, personal selling is ideal for premium products.
  • Sales Promotion – This method uses discounts, coupons and other offers to attract customers to purchase a product. It is effective during certain events or festive occasions.
  • Public Relations – Companies employ this method to either promote or change their brand image. They use tools like press conferences, interviews, public appearances, volunteer projects etc., to increase brand awareness and attract target consumers with their messaging.

Differences between Marketing Mix and Promotion Mix

The key difference between the marketing and promotional mixes is that the promotional mix is a part of the larger marketing mix. When discussing various factors relating to the promotion mix for your product or service, review the product, price and place aspects so that your entire strategy is aligned.

Marketing Mix VS Promotion Mix

Marketing Mix

Promotion Mix


Marketing Mix is a set of variables used to promote the brand, improve customer satisfaction and increase visibility. Promotion Mix involves using marketing tools to enhance the demand for a company’s product.


The main elements in Marketing Mix are:

  • Product
  • Price
  • Place
  • Promotion
  • People
  • Process
  • Physical Evidence
The main elements in Promotion Mix are:

  • Advertising
  • Direct Marketing
  • Personal Selling
  • Sales Promotion
  • Public Relations


Marketing Mix helps position a product and decide on the price, place, or time for selling it to the target consumer. Promotion Mix helps companies to improve brand awareness and attract consumers to buy the product.


Marketing Mix focuses on promoting and selling the product or service. Promotion Mix concentrates on methods to reach their target customers to persuade them into purchasing the company’s product.


Marketing Mix has a broader scope. Since Promotion Mix is a part of Marketing Mix, it has a much narrower scope.


  • Online Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Advertising on social media, radio, print and broadcasting channels
  • Discount offers
  • Coupons
  • Free samples



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