Top 15 interesting facts of Bamboo
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Top 15 interesting facts of Bamboo

15 interesting facts Bamboo-বাঁশ ফাইবার
  1. Bamboo is the FASTEST growing land plant in the world.

2. Bamboo is a giant grass! It is not a tree.

3. Thomas Edison used a carbonized bamboo filament in his very FIRST successful lightbulb!

4. Bamboo cools down the surrounding air by up to 8 degrees in summer. It acts as a natural air conditioner.

5. Bamboo rarely flowers and seeds, only about every 100 years or so.

6. Bamboo poles are incredibly strong and sturdy (some are stronger then steel!)

7. Bamboo is edible, well, most of them (some taste horrible!) The new shoots are harvested while they are still soft.

15 interesting facts Bamboo

8. Clumping bamboo purifies the air up to 30% more effectively then any other plant! Your brain literally gets an oxygen high around it!

9. There are over 1,500 species of bamboo in the world! 

10. Bamboo is mostly drought tolerant and will survive lack of water, but if they are thirsty they will curl up their leaves! They do this to shy away from the heat and await rain or water.(15 interesting facts Bamboo)

11. Bamboo is one of the best plants to use for soil stability and to prevent soil erosion.

12. Bamboo is naturally anti-bacterial and anti-fungal. Bamboo is used to produce clothing, linen, and bamboo charcoal.

13. Bamboo leaves are made into a delicious tea

14. Bamboo comes in many different shapes, sizes and colours! There is green, black, brown, gold, blue, white, grey, orange, purple, red, variegated, and even stripey!

15. Snakes don’t like bamboo! Snakes are known to like warm, silent places to sleep in. Bamboo mulch is too loud for them to slither through, too cold (due to the air purification) and often the stems are too slippery to climb! They much prefer the bark of tree branches or a nice sunny rock.

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