In Quest of An Ideal Society
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In Quest of An Ideal Society

In Quest of An Ideal Society

Sometimes I think profoundly about the degeneration of our society. Occasionally; I try to contemplate about the process of degeneration of our society.

In Quest of An Ideal Society

The society is now teeming with self-centered people who are reluctant about being magnanimous towards society. Treachery, corruption and conspiracy still prevail in our society. People tend to convert themselves into a money-making device. It is undeniable that money will fulfill our material needs.

Materialism is something which stigmatizes humanity. Happiness has faded away from our life. Dogmatism still exists in the prevalent society system. Apparently, I despise those people who believe in dogmatism.

In Quest of An Ideal Society

The Youngsters 

Young generation is being degraded by technology. However; young generation is supposed to serve their nation. Actually, young generation & wise leadership has bestowed upon our country. Nevertheless, they must refrain themselves from taking part in anti-social activities.

Society needs to be enriched, sophisticated and refined. Unfortunately, our society is miles away from my imaginative society system. society ought to be more respectful those people who are industrious. I am not well versed at concocting a great story. It is not a fictionalized story. In order to make an ideal society; we should be more tender towards poor people. We must not look down upon laborious people. It is a prerequisite to forge a great society. Society plays an important role in progressing our nation.


I am sanguine about my desired societal system. It is my dream which always nourishes in my mind. Every man is a son of his society. He/she is blessed with some great qualities. We must stand by those people who need in most.

One day I will see that everyone will stretch out their hand to help poor people. My
patience won’t go in vain. That day is yet to arrive.


Deepto Chakraborty
University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh
BBA Department
Batch 202

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