Top 10 Interesting Hair Color Facts

Hair Color Interesting Facts

1.Just 2% of world’s population are blond.

2. Black hair is the most common color of them all.

3. What’s the rarest hair color? It’s red! Only around of 1% of the world’s population has it.

4. Scottish people should be proud for their red hair. The total of 13% of the Scotts have red hair. That’s larger than any other population.

5. Back in the 1950s, around 7% of American women dyed their hair.

6 The number today is way higher! A total of 75% of all American women dye their hair.

7. Blond hair is more expensive and will cost up to 3x more than dark hair.

8. In a survey by Clarol, they found perceptions of people differed based on their hair color. We perceive blondes as fun and flirty while brunettes said to be smart and serious.

9. What about redheads? We label them as strong individuals.

10. US has a second largest population of natural redheads, which is around 5%.

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