General 1 ton Split AC Price in Bangladesh -Review

General 1 ton Split AC Review

General 1 ton Split AC comes with 12000 BTU. General Split Air Conditioner is a perfect choice for you and your family with its cutting-edge features. It will cover 120 square feet.

General 1 ton Split AC comes with its cooling capacity of 3.25 kW can be a perfect addition to your home or your office. 

General 1 ton Split AC price in Bangladesh | 12000 BTU

General 1 ton Split Air Conditioner Price: 

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Specification :


Origin Fujitsu General Ltd. (Japan)
Assembled by China.
New Modle General ASH12USCCW Ton
Exact BTU 12,000
Coverage Space 100-120 sft.
Energy Saving Unit Neno Technology (Advance).
Star Rating 5 Star
Cooling Capacity 1 Watts (3,400)
Cooling Capacity 2 BTU/hr (12,000)
Moisture Removal Ltr/hr (2.6)
Airflow- High 1 M3/h (640)
Airflow- High 2 cfm (380)
Power Supply Volts/Q/Hz (220-240/1/50)
Running Current AMP Amps (4.84)
Power Consumption Watts (1080)
EER w/w (3.14)
Indoor Unit Net Weigh Kg (8)
Outdoor Unit Net weight kg (30)
Noise Level (Indoor Unit) dB (32dB)
Pipe Length Maximum m ,15(10)
Operating Temperature Deg.C (46 Deg.C)
Refrigerant Gas  (R- 410A)
Compressor Hyper Tropical Rotary. (Advance)


General 1 ton Split AC price in Bangladesh


Product Features:


  • Precise LR.
  • 3D Airflow.
  •  Intelligent Eye.
  • Air Swing system double.
  • Super Quiet Mode Function.
  •  Excellent Air-Filtering System.
  • Temperature Adjustment Digital.
  • Negative air ions deodorizing filter.
  • Anti-Fungus & Bactria.
  • LED Wireless Remote Control.
  • Compact & Smart Shape.
  • 24-hour On/Off Timer.
  • Auto restarts function.
  • Comfort Mode.
  • LED Wireless Remote Control.
  • 24-hour On/Off Timer.
  • Self Diagnosis &Digital Display.