FLC Launches The Ribbit-Ribbit Pond
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FLC Launches The Ribbit-Ribbit Pond

FLC Launches The Ribbit-Ribbit Pond

FLC Launches The Ribbit-Ribbit Pond Free Linguistics Conference (FLC), an international organization of language and education, launches a multilingual illustrated e-book for children titled The Ribbit-Ribbit Pond in 27 different languages on 21st February.

The program begins at 12:00 PM Dhaka time with the recitation from Al Mahmud’s “Ekusher Kobita”. The host of the event Sami Hossain Chisty, director of FLC and the coordinator of this project and also the Bangla translator of this book, talks about the significance of International Mother Language Day.

He then introduces the book and all 27 translators from different countries. He expresses his joy for having the translations from distinguished academics and he shares his expectation of having more translations in the future.

FLC Launches The Ribbit-Ribbit Pond

Afterward, the book was read in four languages including Spanish, Vietnamese, Hindi, and Bangla. The author of the book Ivan Para Gonzalez delivers a presentation and explains how this book can be a useful resource for EFL classrooms. He also stresses how it can help develop intercultural communicative competence among children as this book addresses issues like immigrants and refugees. 

Later, Sami Hossain Chisty explains in his speech how this book is a good example of a CREDIBLE project. He then explains the CREDIBLE approach to teaching and research.

The software developer of this e-book Mitchell Needham explains how the readers can easily read the book from the website of FLC by selecting any two combinations of languages at a time.

The project advisor, Leslie Barratt, a distinguished academic, shares her hope about this book. 

Finally, the editor of the book and the project supervisor Dr. Ahmar Mahboob, associate professor of the University of Sydney, deliver his speech and shares the future prospects of this book. He mentions that he believes in sharing and the magic is in sharing.

By sharing the book in different languages we can develop a positive attitude towards immigrants all around the world. He also promises to make The Ribbit-Ribbit Pond’s print version available as soon as possible. 

This event has been appreciated by people on social media as an excellent way to celebrate International Mother Language Day

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