Dream of a Sophisticated Education System
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Dream of a Sophisticated Education System

 Dream of a Sophisticated Education System

Sometimes I lament that the prevalent education system is confined to classrooms and textbooks. Interactive education must be introduced to the students. In fact, English poet William Blake was dead against such an education system.

Education is all about imagination and creativity. Students must feel liberated whenever they get admitted to the university. University is an open place in which students can show their caliber and intelligence. Unfortunately, most of the universities in Bangladesh have become mechanized institutions. There has been a lack of research and innovation. Students become wearied with our education system. It is incumbent on universities to make a skilled workforce for the competitive job market. Well, universities cannot generate employability. Education is something in which broadens one’s mind. Many people will differ from this theory. Some people cannot cheerfully assent to my thoughts and ideas.

My Dream of a Sophisticated Education System

Sometimes I dream of such a great education system in which students can make fulfill their long-cherished dreams. Maybe I am living in a fool’s paradise. Actually, this is what I want from our stakeholders. William Blake deeply was affected by the orthodox education system. Thus, he wrote a poem named The Schoolboy. I was greatly fascinated by his unbiased views on the education system. As a matter of fact, the liberal education system has not been enacted yet in our prevalent education system.

Many years back, our country was immersed in liberating from the clutch of oppression. In the midst of chaos, our courageous students stood against such reprehensible acts. Our renowned universities made a significant contribution to art and literature. Most importantly, these renowned universities played a pivotal role in reforming the nation. Nevertheless, our universities are now deriving from their main purpose. Malpractices in our education system must be rubbed out in due course.

 Dream of a Sophisticated Education System

Students Point of View

Every student has a different dream, different goals, and different strengths. For example, if a student wants to be a great writer, he/ she does not need to be well versed in Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry. It is undeniable that literature broadens one’s horizon. Literature may give us amusement and enjoyment. Unfortunately, most of the students are reluctant about literature whether it is Bengali or English.

I am optimistic that one day people will surely change their perception of education. I personally adore Earnest Hemingway. It was he who wrote a book called the sun also rises. I firmly believe that the sun will also rise and enlighten our young generation. Our education system will emancipate from the veil of darkness. I will be waiting for that glorious moment.

Deepto Chakraborty
University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh
BBA Department
Batch 201

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