Corona Virus-A Chinese Biological Weapon

Corona Virus-A Chinese Biological Weapon

Corona Virus-A Chinese Biological Weapon; Today, the most famous word on our planet is “lockdown” because of the Coronavirus outbreak or you can say it the “Wuhan virus”. Whatever you took the name of this virus right now that is the worst nightmare for us. Now the question is who is responsible for this.

Maybe right now that’s the million-dollar question in this current situation. Without any question, the answer is “China”. Because now the western countries have a drought that “corona is a virus, but it is also a biological weapon” developed by China in the “Wuhan “Virology Research Center. This research center located China’s “Hubei” state in “Wuhan” city. This is the city where the first corona cases have come in mid-November 2019.

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Corona Virus-A Chinese Biological Weapon

But China Continuously has hidden those cases from the rest of the world. And no one knows why they did this, why they did not inform this to WHO (World Health Organization). They informed about this virus to the WHO on 31st December 2019. But, unfortunately, that was too late. Because, till that time the virus was already with on the full gear of its Spreading speed.

And till that time most of the country has failed to stop this virus to enter their country. On the other hand, China has already recovered and successfully stop this virus to spread in her country. Where the number of infected people is increasing day by day in the USA, UK, Spain, Italy, France and other European countries.

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“Chen Wei” the Chinese militaries ultimate virology expert who is also in charge or supreme commander in Chinese military biological warfare. Now, here is the question of why China deployed her ultimate military virology expert to control the spread of corona-virus. And, now that’s not the million-dollar now it is the trillion-dollar question.

Author:  Tonmoy Debnath

Department: English Literature.

Institution: Notre Dame University Bangladesh.

Member of ‘Future Writers’

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