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Label in Textile

Label in Textile

Classification of Label in Textile. The labels/ label is/ are a tag that contains or indicates various types of information about garments. Such as buyer name, country of origin, types of fabrics, types of yarn, fabric composition, garments size, special instruction, etc. 
It also provides different instructions about the garments. Labels are sewn to the garment using a sewing machine. Sometimes it is also attached with heat and pressure. Mainly use Satin or Taffeta fabrics.




1. Identification of products
2. Ideas of the size of the garments
3.Promotes the products
4.Information to customers
5.Grading of garments
6. Description of the garments.


Classification of Label in Textile

The label that the buyer orders according to their needs. It all depends on the buyer’s order style. But according to functions labels are three types –


This label is the identity of a buyer. In fact, no garments are ordered without the main label. So, it important
for the brand.
– Main label contains Brand or buyer names
– Brand logo
-Sometimes size is also there if the buyer asks
– Brand beginning year
– Fit information


This label shows the size of the garments. But sometimes size is mentioned on the main label then the size label is not required. It is a woven or printed label.

Example- XS, S, M,L,XL,XXL,38,40,42


Care Label contains wash care and ironing instruction. The purpose of the care label to customers knows
what to do and what not to do during washing, drying, ironing. It contains various care instructions in multi-languages. Such as :

– Fabric Construction
– Wash care instructions
– Ironing instruction
– Drying instructions
– Sometimes size also there
– Barcode
– Uses logo
– Style no


Label in Garments

There are also some Important Labels




composition Label contains the composition of the garments.

Example : 100% Cotton, 65% Cotton & 35% Polyester etc



Date Label contains the date of the garments.



Side Labels are sewn side seam of the garments.


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