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Category: Smart Textile

Beta Cloth Fabric -Spacesuit Fabric / History and Material

Beta Cloth Fabric 

The beta cloth is a type of fireproof silica fiber cloth used in the manufacture of Apollo/Skylab A7L  spacesuits.  Beta cloth consists of fine woven silica fiber, similar to fiberglass.  Beta Cloth Fabric does not burn and melts only at temperatures exceeding 650 °C (1,200 °F). To reduce its tendency…

Top 12 Types of Technical Textile
Smart Textile

Top 12 Types of Technical Textile 

Introduction From the title; you already know that we will discuss the Top 12 types of Technical Textile. Before that; do you know; What is Technical Textile?    Technical Textile Definition Technical textiles are defined as textile materials and products manufactured primarily for their technical…

What is Biliblanket Phototherapy ? Components of a Biliblanket 
Smart Textile

What is Biliblanket Phototherapy ? 

Introduction   If a baby is born with jaundice, he/she will quickly be introduced to the healing power of phototherapy through using biliblanket. The use of a biliblanket for jaundice when a newborn infant has elevated bilirubin levels is easy, at-home treatment. You can even…

Conductive Fibers Application and Uses
Man-Made Fiber

Conductive Fibers 

Conductive fibers are a mix of electric wires and the textiles world, with attributes of each. A conductive fiber is a fiber that can conduct electricity. Conductive fibers consist of a non-conductive or less conductive substrate; which is then either coated or embedded with electrically conductive elements. Such as…

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