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Category: Dyeing

Acid Dyes in Textile | Acid Dyes for Wool, Silk and Nylon |

Acid Dyes for Wool, Silk and Nylon | 

Abstract Acid dyes are anionic, soluble in water, and are essentially applied from the acidic bath (Acid Dyes in Textile). These dyes possess acidic groups, such as SO3H and COOH, and are applied on wool, silk, and nylon when an ionic bond is established between…

Tie-Dye - Types of Tie and Dyeing patterns by Leartex

Tie-Dye / Tie and Dyeing Patterns 

Tie-Dye is also known as “Tie and dye“. It is the process of creating patterns on clothes or fabrics. It is dying natural fabrics that result in interesting and colorful patterns. The technique of tying of cloth with thread and then dying it is the…


Direct dyes | Top 5 Types and Properties | 

Direct dyes are water-soluble anionic dyes and retain sulphonic acid groups in the structure. These dyes are also called substantive dyes because of their excellent substantivity for cellulosic textile materials like cotton and viscose rayon.  Dyes are retained on the fiber by hydrogen bond and…

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