Self Bonding Charging Cables

In a lot of ways, the charging cable is the absolute antithesis of the shoelace. Shoelaces need to be tied, while cables often need to be unentangled… and an untied shoelace is equally frustrating as a tangled-up charging cable. The BondCable, in that regard; is the charging cable’s “Velcro moment”. BondCable (The Self Bonding Charging Cables)- is designed to easily make sure your cables never get entangled again.

The BondCable allows your charging cable to retain its carefully-organized coiled design. Designed with a specially extruded cross-section, the BondCable virtually ‘clips’ together to hold its shape when coiled. The cable’s wide design, along with its innovative notch-and-groove cross-section, practically ensures that it never gets entangled or knotted… not only making it less of a hassle on a user-experience level, but also ensuring that your charging cables last dramatically longer by not breaking, fraying, or splitting after months of use.

BondCable The Self Bonding Charging Cables

The universal charging cable comes with Apple’s MFI-certification as well as Android compatibility. Designed across multiple variants with USB-A, USB-C, MicroUSB, and Lightning ports (so you can choose the exact cable you need for your devices), the BondCable supports both powers as well as data delivery, with data transfer speeds of up to 480mbps as well as support for fast-charging. Besides, it’s designed to be durable and easy to use too. Winding the cable is as simple as creating a coil and pressing down on it to get the cable’s grooves to interlock into each other to form a nice, cohesive puck that you can easily slip into your pocket or bag and carry around with you to use for years upon years to come!

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