Black Hole A Mystery of Universe
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Black Hole A Mystery of Universe

Black Hole A Mystery of Universe|  The Stricker-Newsletter

Blackhole is the most mysterious thing that we found in our universe. Blackhole has a mass between 3-10 solar mass. The supermassive black holes exist in the center of most Galaxy’s. There are millions of black holes in our Milky Way galaxy. (Black Hole A Mystery of Universe)

Let’s focus on the birth of a black hole. When a star like our sun ran out of its Helium fuel than the inside Core of that star slowly shrinking on its own. This is called the death of a star. Now, if the mass of this Death Star has more than 3 solar mass then it is called the black hole.

What is the mean of a solar mass?

Solar mass indicates the gravitational force. For example, in our Earth where we feel 9.8 gravitational force or the G force. And an astronaut feels zero gravitational force in outer space or in a Space Station.

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Literally, it is impossible to define the gravitational force of a black hole. Because the gravitational force of a black hole is too powerful that when a “Photon” surpasses a black hole that “Photon” also falls into it.

That’s why it’s called a black hole because it looks totally black. In conclusion, there are lots of mysterious things in our universe that we are unable to solve and a black hole is one of them. But who knows maybe one day we will solve this biggest mystery of our universe.

Black Hole A Mystery of Universe

Author:  Tonmoy Debnath

Department: English Literature.

Institution: Notre Dame University Bangladesh.

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