Interesting Facts of Silk Fibre

Top 10 Amazing Facts of Silk


Silk is commonly considered to be the queen of all fabrics. we have chosen the following interesting silk facts to create a fun silk tutorial.

1. Silk culture has been practiced for at least 5000 years in China.

2. Silkworm (Bombyx mori, Latin for “silkworm of the mulberry tree”) is technically, not a worm. It is the caterpillar of a moth.

Top 10 interesting Facts of Silk Fibre

3. The silkworm female deposits around 400 eggs at a time.

4.  The silkworm female dies almost immediately after depositing the eggs; the male lives only a short time after.

5. A pound of caterpillars eats up to 24 000 pounds of mulberry tree leaves In its lifetime. (Interesting Facts of Silk Fibre)

6. It takes up to 20 pounds of cocoons to obtain 2 pounds of silk. It requires 2,000 to 3,000 cocoons to make a pound of silk. One pound of silk represents about 1,000 miles of filament.

7. It takes more than 25 mulberry trees to obtain 6 pounds of silk.

Interesting Facts of Silk Fibre

8. The cocoon is made of a single continuous thread of raw silk around 1 kilometer (2/3 of a mile) long.

9.The silk worm grows to 25 times its size over the first 4 weeks. (Interesting Facts of Silk Fibre)

10. that a silk dress requires almost 140 pounds of mulberry tree leaves.

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